Cadbury Heath Primary

Other Information


Here at Cadbury heath we like to encourage travelling on scooters as a means of transport. However, children must express care when bringing them into school. There is a scooter storage rack provided for children to park their scooter during the school day. These are situated outside each area door in the playground. Please make sure your child’s scooter is clearly marked with their name and class name to avoid any confusion in regards to ownership.

Wellington Boots

When it is wet, we like to encourage our children to wear wellington boots during break and lunch times. This is to avoid getting their normal school shoes dirty. There is a Wellington boot rack outside each classroom where they can leave their school shoes for the duration of playtime. Please make sure there is a clear label with your child’s name on the inside of each Wellington boot to avoid confusion in regards to ownership.



Whilst we like to think Cadbury Heath Primary School is a happy place, there may be an occasion when something is not to your liking. If this is the case, please speak to your child's teacher in the first instance as it is likely it can be solved quickly. If, after discussion with the teacher, your concern is not resolved then please write to the headteacher. A copy of the complaints policy can be found in the "Policies and Procedures" (under the Key Information tab) page of the website. 


Parents are encouraged to walk to school as much as possible; of course this is not an option for everyone. Parking is available on the two lay by’s each side of the main school gates. As you are aware this is very limited so you can also park on the road in the surrounding area, as long as it is not blocking a neighbour’s drive way.


Dogs are not allowed on the school site for health and safety reasons. The only exception to this is if a dog is being brought into class for curriculum purposes, and to assist people with a visual impairment. Dogs should not be tied up to the school railings as this can be worrying for other children.