Cadbury Heath Primary

School Performance

Academic Results

Our results show that children achieve well academically, make steady progress and are well prepared for secondary school when they leave.  Please look at our latest headline results on the table below which  gives a broad picture of how our school is doing in comparison with schools nationally.

 Cadbury Heath Primary School figures are in bold. Where applicable,  National results are indicated in brackets for easy comparison:

 2019 Statutory Results

 Early Years

80% of children achieved Expected Level of attainment against the first 12 Early Learning Goals from the new EYFS framework. This is demonstrates a 3 year rising trend, as well as being above national data.


80% of Yr1 children successfully reached the threshold level for the phonics test. 67% of year 2 children who re-sat the Phonic screen passed.

 Key Stage 1 - Year 2

(27 pupils. Each pupil = 3.7%)

Expected Level Exceeding expected level
Reading 77% 22%
Writing (TA) 74% 19%
Maths 85% 19%
Combined RWMa

63% 15%

 Key Stage 2 - Year 6

Cadbury Heath KS2 results against local and national averages.

(27 pupils. Each pupil = 3.7%)


National % (2018) (reaching expected level Expected Exceeding
Reading 75% 65% 15%
Writing 76% 74% 11%
Maths 76% 73% 11%
EGPS 78% 69% 26%
Combined RWMa 64% 56% 11%

Progress measure for KS2:

Reading Writing Maths
-2.2 -1.8 -1.5

The average scaled scored was as follows:

Reading 102 104
Maths 103 105

You may also like to compare our school to others by clicking on the link to the DfE Performance Tables.

DfE Performance Tables