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At CHP we value reading as a lifelong skill, but also to support children to develop a love of reading.

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Reading Challenge 2019-20


Welcome to a new Academic Year and Reading Challenge Scheme for 2019/20. This scheme is open to all children in KS2.

You will notice that I have been lucky enough to purchase some new titles across all year groups with the kind donation of funding from the PTA.


The Reading Challenge consists of reading up to 12 books within the school academic year and along the way receive Certificates of achievement, together with recognition awards (presented in Celebration assembly).

Bronze = 4 books read (1 must be a set title)

Silver = 8 books read (3 must be set titles)

Gold = 12 books read (5 must be set titles)

Please ensure that you only choose set titles from your relevant year group.

At the end of the academic year, a final review of achievement will be celebrated within class as the scheme closes again for another year.

Registration shall take place at your first class library visit in September.


The Reading Challenge Reception and KS1
To coincide with our existing KS2 Reading Challenge we have now launched a reading challenge for both Reception and year 1 and 2.  Reception are actively being encouraged to read 5 times per week at home to assist in developing their phonics, story telling and early years reading skills. Children rising to this challenge will receive a certificate in Celebration assembly at the end of each term – Autumn, Spring and Summer respectively.  Children in year 1 and 2 have been set a challenge of completing an activity sheet during the course of the term related to different aspects of reading (copies for information are shown below).  There are three sheets to complete one for each term – Autumn, Spring and Summer. In completion of a sheet, individuals will receive a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award during Celebration assembly. Children should demonstrate to their classroom teacher that they have completed each task, which will then be signed off by the class teacher.

Reception & KS1 Autumn Reading Challenge
Reception & KS1 Spring Reading Challenge
Reception & KS1 Summer Reading Challenge


 Mrs Maloney

New Set Titles 2019/2020

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