Cadbury Heath Primary


Phonics is a way of teaching children to decode spoken sounds and written letters and is a fundamental part of developing our pupils early reading and writing skills.

We teach Phonics daily in EYFS and Year One with the final stage being taught in Year 2, however the skills our pupils develop will support their reading and spelling throughout their entire education. Here at Cadbury Heath we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme to ensure Phonics is taught through a systematic approach with a clear teaching sequence. 

Cadbury Heath has adopted teaching ideas from Jolly Phonics and RWI to help children learn their phonic sounds in a multisensory and engaging way. We aim to use a fun, child-centred approach which motivates our pupils. The children learn Jolly Phonics actions and RWI rhymes for each of the 42 letter sounds which we hope support our students to embed these sounds.

The sounds are taught in a specific order (not alphabetically). This enables children to begin building words as early as possible.  Using a synthetic phonics approach, children are explicitly taught the five key skills for reading and writing. 

The five skills taught in Phonics are:

  • Learning the letter sounds. Children are taught the 42 main letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds as well as digraphs such as sh, th, ai and ue.
  • Learning letter formation. Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the letters.
  • Blending. Children are taught how to blend the sounds together to read and write new words.
  • Identifying the sounds in words (Segmenting). Listening for the sounds in words gives children the best start for improving spelling.
  • Tricky wordsTricky words have irregular spellings and children learn these separately.

Phonics Screening: The Year One Phonics Screening Check is a national check of children's phonic knowledge that all children in England are required to complete. The check combines a mixture of real and pseudo (nonsense) words which the children have to decode (read). The check takes place at the end of Year One - There will be an informative meeting for parents of Year One pupils leading up to the summer term. 


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