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We believe that reading is the cornerstone of learning and therefore we cannot over-emphasise the importance of this key skill. In school, we use the Oxford reading Tree scheme, of which details can be found below:

Oxford Reading Tree

Reading at Home

Promoting reading at home is an important way that parents can help their child. Make sure your child has regular reading practice and check they understand what they read. We expect children to read 5 times per week, to achieve their 'High Five' reading award. 

Here are some more tips on helping your child with reading:

  •  When reading with your child, make the experience interactive – ask questions about the story, the pictures and what they think of the character.
    Try a range of texts i.e. fact books, comics and newspapers.
  • Use dictionaries together for difficult words – a picture dictionary can make exploring language more interesting for younger children
  • Enrol your child at the local library so they can try new books regularly
  • Keep an eye out for the themes that catch your child’s imagination, and help follow it up with more reading
  • When you come across an unusual or funny-sounding word, help your child find out what it means
  • Encourage them to pick up other books around the house to boost familiarity with ‘grown-up’ language.
  • Encourage your child to write down thoughts on the books they have read by keeping a reading journal
  • Look for words in everyday life – read newspaper headlines, shop signs or menus in cafes
  • Let them see adults reading
  • Listen to story tapes

Here are some suggestions on the questions you  could ask to help your child with his/her reading and comprehension.

KS1 Reading Questions                                      KS2 Reading Questions

The Reading Challenge KS2
The Reading Challenge is open to all children within Key Stage 2. A new scheme is launched at the start of each new academic year and runs for the duration of that year. It is a theme based reading scheme set up to encourage children to explore new authors and ensure that they are challenged in their reading ability, alongside the National Curriculum recommendations for literacy reading ages. Children are encouraged to read a set number of books within the year – some of their own choice but also from a specific title listing, ensuring that they experience a selection of writing styles and authors. Having read a book, children will then complete book reviews/comprehension questions to confirm that they have understood and retained key information about the story and events that took place.  Each year group have a dedicated selection of set titles displayed within the library.  

The Reading Challenge Reception and KS1
To coincide with our existing KS2 Reading Challenge we have now launched a reading challenge for both Reception and year 1 and 2.  Reception are actively being encouraged to read 5 times per week at home to assist in developing their phonics, story telling and early years reading skills. Children rising to this challenge will receive a certificate in Celebration assembly at the end of each term – Autumn, Spring and Summer respectively.  Children in year 1 and 2 have been set a challenge of completing an activity sheet during the course of the term related to different aspects of reading (copies for information are shown below).  There are three sheets to complete one for each term – Autumn, Spring and Summer. In completion of a sheet, individuals will receive a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award during Celebration assembly. Children should demonstrate to their classroom teacher that they have completed each task, which will then be signed off by the class teacher.

Reception & KS1 Autumn Reading Challenge
Reception & KS1 Spring Reading Challenge
Reception & KS1 Summer Reading Challenge

Cadbury Heath Top 100 Books

At the start of the year, each class were asked to compile a list of appropriate reading books for their age group which could then be used to recommend reading for other children of the same age/reading age when visiting the library and looking to select a reading book. Click on the link below to see what they came up with.  Many of these titles would make great ideas for gifts!

Cadbury Heath's Top 100 Books


 To help encourage reading within schools and the wider community, South Gloucestershire Council launched last September a Year of Reading campaign. This has proved to be so successful that they have continued this scheme for a further year within South Gloucestershire.  Cadbury Heath signed up to the initiative at the end of last year and were the first school to receive a Bronze Award (end of September 2015) for our commitment and love of reading. We then went onto achieve Silver (November 2015) and Gold (March 2016 - again being the first primary school within South Gloucestershire to achieve this award). Cadbury Heath Primary are currently working towards Platinum.  Click on the link below for further details of this wonderful initiative.

 Time4Reading at Cadbury Heath