Cadbury Heath Primary

Educational trips

At Cadbury Heath Primary School, we believe that experiencing the wider world makes the learning involved more memorable.  We expect each year group to run at least experiences and educational trip in the year to support learning.  Although each year the trips may change, this is driven by our global curriculum. 

Local Trips

We use of local community to support the children's learning and take the children to  places including St Barnabas Church, Kingswood Heritage Museum and Grimsbury Farm.  Additionally, we go out on local walks such as the Cadbury Heath Nature Trail, traffic surveys, the local vet and visits to secondary schools.

Residential Trips

Year 6 go to Osmington which is a 5-day residential trip to Weymouth Bay (see the calendar for this year's dates).  This is outdoor and adventurous training where the children are encouraged to try new activities and challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone in a safe and secure environment.  For many, it is their first time living away from home and this makes it doubly exciting.